When You Come Back, I Might Be Dead


When You Come Back, I Might Be Dead

When You Come Back, I Might Be Dead. Black Lesbians in Johannesburg and a Constitution’s Promise

Black lesbians in South African townships are often raped and sometimes killed by men, to teach them a lesson, to turn them into “real”—meaning: heterosexual—women. These hate crimes, for various reasons, are rarely persecuted, even though the country’s constitution protects lesbians from discrimination and grants them full equality.

This book investigates the discrepancy between the progressive South African laws and the dismal situation on the ground, and provides insight into what it means to live as a black lesbian in Johannesburg today.

Personal project, South Africa, 2012-2017

This is volume 2 of The Lesbian Lives Project, published in 2019. Read a review here, and download an excerpt here.