Nurses in Isolation

In May, I had the good fortune to photograph a very interesting reportage for the Caritas magazine Sozialcourage. They sent me to Southern Germany, more specifically to Bermatingen, where I met a lovely Polish woman, Anna Okraszewska, who lives with an elderly couple and takes care of them.


In the afternoon, I visited a German lesson in Markdorf with her and met and photographed other Eastern European nursing staff. They often are quite isolated, tired and overworked because they live with their employers 24/7 and hardly ever leave the house. The German lessons are their only respite from their otherwise busy lives.


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Agency: Herburg Weiland, Munich

Inge and Willy Rid, the couple Anna Okraszewska takes care of.

Inge has Alzheimers, and she loves to play with dolls and to dance.

Anna’s kids live in Poland. She doesn’t see them very often but she’s grateful for the opportunity to work in Germany and send money home for their schooling.

Before her German class begins, Anna goes through a bunch of free clothes and takes what she can use.

Anna Okraszewska jokes around with her colleagues Ivona Kuvowska and Dorata Klocek before the lesson starts.