Let’s Dance In Daveyton

When I was in South Africa this spring, I attended a play about hate crimes against lesbians in a suburb of Johannesburg. After the play, which was mostly frequented by black lesbians, one of the waiting mini bus taxis played music really loudly and a spontaneous dance party erupted: It was so great, this video doesn’t do it justice. All I can say is: African ladies know how to dance! And they are not afraid to bust some moves.

The Chosen Few Soccer Team

I’ve been so very fortunate to do an assignment for COLORS magazine in South Africa. I’ve been reading COLORS since 1999, when I discovered the Hutu/Tutsi issue. I’m a FAN – all capital letters – and I’d never imagined that I’d be one day shooting for them.

For their most recent issue about football, I photographed the Chosen Few all lesbian soccer team. I had met two of its members, Thuli and Tumi, two years earlier when I was working on a story on corrective rape in Johannesburg, and I went to see them again for a personal project this spring.

It was so great to meet the players and spend time with them – these women are so brave and impressive! Lesbians in South Africa endure a lot of hardship and violence; it’s not easy to be out and proud. To find out more about the team, you can read the article here.


I’m back!

I was so bored without my blog! Well, on the one hand, I was bored. On the other hand, I had lots of free time to do other stuff, like, start a newsletter, print some greeting cards (but they don’t look very professional) and a new mailer, and set up an Instagram and a Twitter account. I’ve always been fickle about Facebook, and deleted my account a few months ago. Facebook sucks, there’s no way around it! So now I’m trying out Instagram and Twitter, but I’m not very active on them. I feel like social media is over, or maybe it’s not, and I’m the only one feeling this way? Who cares. I’m old school. I like email, and photographs on paper.

So, please come back here soon for some freshly composed updates, summer and travel pictures, recent assignments, new portfolios, Sunday coffee pictures, etc. etc.

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I’m taking a little break from blogging and will update this site again in the fall. See you then!








Photo Shoot for Jugendfilmtage, in collaboration with Resort, December 2013.

Howdy! It’s The Swisscom Business Review!

I was very fortunate to photograph parts of the Swisscom annual report 2013. Really easy-going executives, dream production team and super friendly clients. Hip hip hooray!





GB_Swisscom_2013_Draft-4 GB_Swisscom_2013_Draft-8 GB_Swisscom_2013_Draft-7 GB_Swisscom_2013_Draft-5


From Opernhaus Magazine –



Fantastic feature in Opernhaus magazine; with some of Timmy’s testimony translated into German! To read, click here.

Sunday Morning (With The Beatles)

50 years ago, the Beatles arrived in America, performing on the Ed Sullivan show. So for this Sunday’s morning coffee picture, I picked a photo of John, Paul, George, and Ringo (presumably not having coffee, but English tea).

I love the Beatles! I’ve listened to their music since I was a little kid. I’ve learned and practised English through their lyrics – and my dad’s great translation skills, driving around in the car with a Beatles tape on (“Do you want to know a secret? = Wettsch es Gheimnis ghöre?”). I always keep a top five favorite Beatles songs list up to date in my head, and their music has accompanied me all through my life. They are simply, truly, and unabashadedly the best band ever!

In deep gratitude, to the Fab Four,

your forever fan,

Dizzy Miss Lizzy

PS. Here’s a cool video The New York Times made in their honor. And a Fresh Air podcast. Enjoy!

In Ostschweiz am Sonntag –



Huge feature in Ostschweiz am Sonntag, February 2, 2014. To read the article, click on the picture above.

Children In Rehabilitation

1402_046-051_Kinderreha-1 1402_046-051_Kinderreha-21402_046-051_Kinderreha-3Very moving story for Wir Eltern magazine, October 2013; see more pictures on my website or download the PDF here.