Hooray, A Price!


This is Manuela von Ah, a journalist for wir eltern, and I, receiving quite a bit of attention and fame (and cash and flowers) in Bern at the Deutschweizer Diabetikertag, on November 22, 2014. Manuela and I worked on a story together some time ago about a dog who can detect low blood sugar in kids, which won first prize in this contest. Thank you so much, Diabetesgesellschaft!

Witch Race in Wallis

What is going on here, you ask? Well, when I boarded the train one cold and early Saturday morning almost a year ago to shoot this story in the Wallis, I asked myself exactly the same thing: What are these mountain people scheming up again, I thought, and why does it have to happen early on a Saturday morning?

Seven (thousand) espressi later and after meeting cutie Mara and her lovely dad Roman, this turned into a very fun winter day: Journalist Manuela von Ah and I documented families dressing up as witches racing downhill. To read the story, click here.

Incidentally, Manuela and I just won a prize for a story we did together some time ago. I’ll talk more about it in my next post!

Weinberg: Tailoring







weinberg_tailoring_5   wei_20140922_000562 wei_20140922_000766   weinberg_tailoring_4

Impressions from the Weinberg tailoring atelier at Bahnhofstrasse 13, shot in September  2014. Check out the slide show here!

Weinberg: Highlights

24 hours before the new Weinberg website went live, yours truly and a team of hair and make-up artists and models braved the sub-zero temperatures in the new ladies’ fashion store and worked on the highlights section. The store looks empty in the photos but there were still a bunch of electricians and store employees buzzing about alongside us for last-minute modifications. Also, it wasn’t really sub-zero cold, but I am now officially whiny about the upcoming polar vortex. Good thing we were shooting mostly summer outfits! This makes me confident that it will be warm again, some day.















Check out the slide shows here.

Models: Laura St., Fabio B. (Time)

Make-Up: Vanessa Bratschi

Hair: Albert Dudli, Coiffure Barbarella, with apprentice Elena

The Brand New Weinberg Experience

Weinberg, the famous fashion retail stores from Bahnhofstrasse, have a brand new website! My friends from Hammer and I have been labouring away at it for the past couple of months. And it’s finally online now, yippie!

I’ll post some out takes and screen shots over the next few days. Let’s start with the mood shots from the homepage!









Families, 3






Assignment for Wir Eltern magazine, August 2014.

Niklaus Flütsch


I was very fortunate to meet and photograph Nik Flütsch, a doctor and author who was born into a woman’s body but has always felt like a man. He and his husband Christian handed the journalist and me a glass of cool white wine and a piece of Zuger Kirschtorte immediately upon our arrival. Needless to say, we got very cozy on their beautiful terrace and didn’t feel like leaving ever again!

This was one of my most favorite – if not the most favorite – shoot this year. Not only are Nik and Christian insanely handsome (they made my job very easy that day), Nik is also so brave to tell his story openly and publicly, and I hope that his book and the accompanying articles reach – well, everyone. There is still hate and incomprehension toward LGBTI everywhere, and it needs to stop. This is 2014, people. Really, there are more pressing issues.

To read the article with my photos in Schweizer Familie, click here. To check out Nik’s book, click here. Check out his TED talk here.



Families, 2

This November, I was part of the photographers’ crew on the Fotomuseum’s portrait day. Many families, friends, and groups of any kind made the pilgrimage to Winterthur to have their picture taken and eat their hearts out at the brunch buffet.

I photographed ten families and one single man in 30 minute sessions, and it was way more fun than I expected. Nothing beats a good ole’ studio session with my beloved Hasselblad and trusted assistant and better half Christoph. Plus the buffet was kick-ass!

Here are some of my favorite photos from that day.







Families, 1

I’ve photographed many, many families recently – two family stories for parenting magazine Wir Eltern and lots of portraits for the Fotomuseum’s portrait day.

I love photographing families because they are just so interesting to me. Coming from a big family myself, I’m always curious to see how everyone interacts. Some families I meet and don’t want to leave because they are so loving and friendly. With others, I drive away thinking: Phew…!

So, anyway, here’s the first assignment: pictures of three families with a latecomer baby (or two), for Wir Eltern, in September.


Another Alp Family Reportage

Zweisimmen, Bern, August 16, 2013, for Wir Eltern magazine. Read the article here.