Education Permanente

Last summer, I shot this assignment in Uster for Education Permanente magazine, in collaboration with Völlm + Walthert. I accompanied Marianna Ogbuchi and Esmil Yasin for a few hours on the premises of also!, an organisation which helps integrating people living off of welfare back into a professional environment. It was a super interesting day! Thanks, EP, and VW, and also! Here's the issue online.

A Love Letter to Photography. And About My Brothers

My favourite photograph I took this year—or maybe ever—is a picture that's only for me. I waited five months to shoot it, and then I promised the person in the photo not to show it to anyone, so it's just sitting on a hard drive. Every once in a while I look at it when I'm alone. I'm so glad I took it, and it reassures me, but every viewing reminds me of that time that's gone, and then my heart breaks a little. Photography can be so intimate, and so melancholy: Every time I press the shutter, it's an acknowledgement that the moment I've just photographed has passed.