Another Song, Another Mile

Walking by an Ethiopian crater lake and an unfinished highway in Addis, my desk at the monastery in Antananarivo, flying to Sambava, Orchidea Beach II tiako ianao! Taxi broussing to Antahala. Working in the early Zurich morning, my room at night in New Jersey, looking at waves and drinking diner coffee in Far Rockaway. The metro in D.C. and my brother in Switzerland. Flying back to Africa, Sunday afternoon at the beach in Sambava, a chameleon that came to visit me, sy Vario namako surfeur tsara indrindra any Sambava. Efa mahay be! Random Malagasy words to remember (“depressed,” “fruit,” “we,” “they”) on the back of my hand and working in front of the ventilo in Majunga en attendant le commandant. This travelling life is the only one we know fa misaraka na oviana na oviana atsika


July to December 2018