I’m Taking A Sabbatical!

As announced in my world-shattering, history-changing, long awaited 2016 recap, I'm taking some time off this year to travel the world, continue a personal photo project, and reflect on my business strategy (or lack thereof). After hustling as a freelancer for more than ten years with very rare vacations, it's time for me to tip the scale a bit more towards life instead of work. I'll be available for commercial assignments again in the fall. (If you're interested in the concept of sabbaticals and why they're crucial for people working in the creative field, watch Stefan Sagmeister's excellent talk here.)

God And The World — 2

Elisabeth and Marthi are a lesbian couple living in Bürglen UR. In September 2014, they had their civil union registered, and a month later invited their friends and families to a benediction ceremony in the local church. As the bells tolled, the town's Catholic pastor, Wendelin Bucheli, blessed them in front of sixty guests. Afterwards, everyone got together for drinks and dinner. "It was just like a wedding," they told me. "We had a wonderful day."  

God And The World — 1

Wendelin Bucheli is a Catholic pastor in Bürglen, in the Swiss canton of Uri. In October 2014, Wendelin blessed a lesbian couple in the local church. As a consequence, he was fired by his boss, Bishop Vitus Huonder. After a massive public outcry and much media attention, Wendelin was finally allowed to stay on as a priest in Bürglen. In order to keep his job, he had to sign an official declaration, promising to abstain from same-sex benediction ceremonies in the future.

“So Much Inside Of Me Broke At That Very Moment”

Selina is a lesbian woman living in Bern. She grew up in the small village of Lauenen, close to Gstaad. When she was 21, the father of the girl she was seeing attacked and tried to kill her, and later incited the village against her family: "Keep your girls inside, there's a lesbian plague going around," his message was.