On A Swiss Roll

It looks like I'm on a Swiss roll, photographically speaking! When my good friend Andreas came to visit from New Orleans, we took a ride in his shiny rental car to Einsiedeln and stumbled upon a cattle show, the black madonna and a fine Rösti restaurant.

A Visit To The Seelispitz

Last weekend, my brother Matthias, his girlfriend Katja, their friend Sven, my better half Christoph and I spent a weekend at our cabin in the Obwalden mountains.

Sara and Carmen

A while ago, I met Sara and Carmen, a lesbian couple living in Winterthur, Switzerland. They live in a registered partnership and have a daughter, Joa, who's turned 1 in July. I interviewed them in the summer and have recently started photographing them for my (book) project about lesbian lives. The idea behind this project is to document and highlight the challenges, difficulties and discriminations lesbian women are dealing with around the world. I started work in Johannesburg, and I'm very happy to have found Sara and Carmen for my Swiss chapter (and also that they live considerably closer).

On Assignment In Angola

In August, I spent two weeks in Angola, on assignment for Todos magazine. I had a wonderful time, and assembling photos for this post makes me miss Africa very much. Here are a few making-of shots, scenes from the road and outtakes.